I was approached by a high end Trattoria and Wine Bar, Barolo, located on Main Street, New Canaan, Connecticut. To create an identity that would appeal to middle aged, affluent, suburban clientele. 

The logo was to appear predominantly on paper goods, menus, business cards, stationary, gift certificates, labels and stickers. As well as their website masthead, outdoor sign, embroidered uniforms and wood burned onto smaller objects for use in the restaurant. 

I took inspiration from other restaurants such as POLPO, and designed a “B” that didn’t join the Stem, giving it a clean and airy feel. I then rectified a number of issues with clashing characters, reducing spacing issues between the letters r and o along with the l and o.

The base of the logo was Chronicle Display. From there I modified the design to include extravagant terminals that add character and Italian flair. The resulting logo is simple and yet beautiful and full of character.