Boundless Stationary

I was given a challenge, "create the best agency business cards you’ve ever seen, and make sure they’re boundless."

The gauntlet laid down, I went about researching traditional business cards, and attempting to defy convention.

What instantly stood out was their formulaic approach – traditional typography with rigid grids and minimal information. Business cards and letterheads are made to build connections, but most of them don’t. People say they’re defunct, but I wanted to prove, that done the right way, they’re still a great way to make a connection.

By handcrafting every card to represent each individuals personality, we made them remarkable, and precious to everyone, increasing the likelihood that people would use them. Along with all the usual details, the inclusion of a personal story would provide future clients with a deeper insight into each person that they would be working with.

The result is a series of cards that not only convey our attention to detail, but also showed that we’re real humans who want a lasting working relationship.

Long copy business cards? You could call it crazy, but we call it boundless.