Crep Protect

Crep Protect is a liquid repellant designed to protect your ‘creps’ from every day dirt and liquid splashes. Since the technology came out there has been many demonstration examples put online from a number of different brands involving a range of substances. I felt this was getting boring. It was hard to ignore that the product demonstration was the best way to sell the product, however, there had to be a better and more attractive way to do it.

The idea I came up with was for a stark white sneaker to be pounded by paint balls in super slow motion, before it was washed off leaving a perfect white trainer and a silhouette behind revealing the logo.

We used a Phantom Flex, the only camera capable of shooting at 3000 frames per second to shoot the video. We also hired a qualified paintball expert who was able to consistently strike the shoe in the positions we wanted. Because we were shooting at such a high frame rate we had to hire HMI lighting to light the shoot.

The problem was this lighting let off extreme amounts of heat, enough to burn through the thick plastic sheeting we had surrounding the set. In-between takes we had to shut off all the lights to allow the set to cool. 

Also, in order that the high powered paintballs didn’t destroy the shoe we had to fill them with concrete. We also hired a carpenter who was able to create a rig for us that allowed us to bolt the shoe to the acrylic backdrop with some hefty metal bolts.

The whole operation took a great deal of planning, and you can see why squirting ketchup on the toe cap for 50p and 5 minutes of effort often wins over, but the results are visually impactful and tell the product’s story in a much more compelling way.