Dirty Burger is a gourmet burger chain owned by Soho House, the high end private members club. I was approached to come up with ideas that would highlight the dirty goodness of the burger in a fun way that was unlike any other burger chain.

The idea we came up with derived from the visuals of censored porn. We wanted to re imagine the event of walking into dirty burger as if walking into a seedy brothel to receive pleasure. We wanted to use typical eating behaviours and pixelate them to hide what might be misinterpreted as sexual scenes.

Due to the decor of the joint, we wanted to try and emulate a grind house style that is most notably used in Death Proof, a film by Quentin Tarantino. We used the lap dance scene to form visual references and tried as best as possible to maintain that style throughout.

We shot the film in one 8 hour stint through the night so not to disrupt typical working hours. It was a great team effort between myself and Jack Benson directing, Quentin Boucher on lighting and Toby McKay as cameraman. Molly Benson also helped as a production assistant.