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Go Ultra Low

Go Ultra Low, is a government body who’s mission it is to encourage people to buy electric cars, and they approached us with a problem.

Almost all electric cars, bar Tesla, have a huge image problem. For years they’ve been shrouded in ‘green imagery’ which, while relevant, doesn’t justify the premium price point for customers, who want their cars to feel ’cool’ as well as energy efficient.

Our insight, that electric vehicles are actually faster, more specked out and better for the planet than their fuel counterparts, formed the basis for our concept.

Which was to reposition electric cars, as ‘the new supercars’

Instead of showing florescent white cars with green leaves flying out the exhaust. We’d give them a new, super slick neon aesthetic, totally repositioning them in the market.

To give you a flavour of what that would look like, we created a very short mood film that we put together for the pitch.