Millidge & Doig

Millidge and Doig are a comedy duo that appear every year for Orange Romania. Whilst at Weiden & Kennedy, myself and creative partner Tom Bird were tasked with coming up with ideas for their 30 second Christmas slapstick sketch.

For three months we lived and breathed Millidge and Doig, scamping tons of different ideas whilst learning all about the traditions of Christmas in Romania. Facts such as, they place garlic on their gates to scare off the evil spirits. Also spending hours of house-to-house carolling accompanied with the Capra goat.

The idea that we ran was for a Christmas Carol/Dance that was performed by M&D but that also allowed the public to perform in so they too could feature on TV.

Since airing the commercial, it has been viewed nearly 2.5 Million times with people all over Romania taking part in the campaign.

All the commercials were created by multi award winning directors, Smith and Folks.