Happy Ending Agency was approached by The Idle and tasked to come up with four TV indents (in partnership with 4music) that could showcase their Autumn/Winter collection. The indents went out over a three month period to a captive audience just shy of ten million.

Each ident had to be 10 seconds long, represent one of four customer archetypes, (Heritage, Street, Rocker and Tailored) and also showcase the clothing and lifestyle diversity of each character. We included a clever transition to get the models from one location to another, reinforcing the character archetype, while also providing a different colour background to accentuate the various items of clothing.

The video's were shot over two days in Shoreditch and Hoxton in London. Behind the scenes photos were shot by Illustrator, Justin Pouter and Behind the scenes Video by Tom Pallard.

We had a brilliant time on set with a hugely talented crew. Director - Ricky Richards . DOP - James Blann . Camera Technician - Neil Francis . Stylist - Jordan Schneider . H&MU - Poppy Micklem . Photography - Justin Poulter . Runner - Bennie Basset & Sam. Music - Dom Storrs Fox Producer - Ross Popejoy and Kate Fagan. Editing - Indigo Rebel.